Sien ide

Location: New York
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As I write these lines I could hear that mixtape playing in my head. Blend after blend, it’s embedded in my brain. You know that tape you bought twice? That “make me a copy” tape, that “extra copy locked in the glove compartment” tape.
That Double R #12 shit! That tape right there blasted through four 12inch EV’s, 1000watt Harman Kardon amps and a removable ALPINE with a Goose neck EQ. The system cost more than the car at the time. Lol. It was a 1989 Jetta with Virginia plates. A real “fuck the police”, I’m twenty something and don’t give a fuck stereo system. It’s my beat…. It’s–my-beat. It’s my BEAT. Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce-blasting! And Trinidadian track by Ced The Lyrical Genius. Trinidadian, Trinidadian, Trinidadian, whats up ho-ney? Plenty good tapes out there at that time but the one’s I got my money’s worth from were them Double R joints. Innovation, no talk, no bullshit, just straight bizness! Up and down Harlem in my Jetta without having to press rewind or eject. Myouth!


20130217_204223SIENIDE is a multi-layered Artquarian who celebrates his bearth day with Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln. Hailing from the Bronx, NY. His life and art is inspired by life and art. Dozens of Sien’s masterfully illustrated murals are scattered throughout the five boros of NYC. His public works engage a younger generation of street art enthusiasts with abstract compositions and mood altering color. The reactions from the community are a main source of motivation to push his work ever-forward. ​