Mini Nifty’s Holiday Hijinks

This year, the two of us at Mini Nifty made a special Christmas mixtape called Mini Nifty’s Holiday Hijinks. For those of you who know Mini Nifty, most of what we make is a mixtape by a different definition of the word; a bunch of clips edited together to tell a story. But this year, we decided to make a plain old mixtape. Mini Nifty’s Holiday Hijinks was our way to keep life happy and nifty during a holiday season with a pandemic, so we just finished a mixtape consisting of fifty songs and four interstitial tracks; the interstitial tracks include Christmas-themed sound effects and brief musical interludes that don’t count as full songs; this mixtape is a mix of the fun and the serious, so it includes songs by Michael Bolton, Julie Andrews, Perry Como, and Kenny Rogers (the mixtape is dedicated to Kenny Rogers since he died this year), as well as the more humorous side of things, with American Comedy Network, Tom Lehrer, and a modern band doing a Chipmunks tribute, since the actual Chipmunks version is overplayed. The mixtape focuses on artists that are extremely underrated, such as The Karlssons, as well as groups who seemed to only do a handful of songs which are all underrated, like Andrew Kingslow and Laura Dowling, who recorded songs especially around 2012 to 2015 though they sound like they were recorded in the 1960s, because they’re bringing the retro spirit back. Also sound-alike songs have been dug up for this collection; the songs that sound like the modern Christmas carols, but aren’t the modern Christmas carols, just in case someone can’t license the famous carol for some reason. So despite this being a frustrating year, and despite us not singing and enjoying precious moments together like we used to, we figured we would make this mixtape to bring all our fine musical memories together. We are musicians, after all, so we collect a lot of out-of-the-ordinary music, and we figured that since we’ve been collecting music for twenty years, we better make a mixtape, and of course Christmas music was some of the first music that struck major chords with me, so a Christmas mixtape was our best option, and it is finally complete. She and I had a good time making it, and her voice can even be heard in the Alma Chorale 2018 version of Gesu Bambino, found on this mixtape. Some tracks can be found readily on the Internet, while other tracks are only available on specific blogs, only through trading, or certain music publishers’ sites.
Submitted by Tyler Zahnke, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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