“Mixtape Nostalgia” released with Glowing Reviews

Congratulations to Jehnie I. Burns, Associate Professor and Author of Mixtape Nostalgia!

Mixtape Nostalgia is a deeply personal book that diligently documents the evolution of the mixtape. Crafted like a perfectly curated mixtape, it traces the ebb and flow of the medium through its analog and digital eras, across genres, while thoughtfully centering the voices of ‘mixtapers.’ Jehnie I. Burns presents a masterpiece that’s essential to mixtape scholarship.”
Regan Sommer McCoy, Founder and Chief Curator, Mixtape Museum

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Birth of the Cassette
Chapter 2 – Musical Self-Production
Chapter 3 – The Mixtape Generation
Chapter 4 – Analog Nostalgia
Chapter 5 – Retromania
Chapter 6 – Kitsch Commodification
Chapter 7 – Technostalgia
Chapter 8 – Metaphor and Merchandising

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