mix·tape\ˈmi ks-ˌtāp\ noun: Traditionally recorded on to a compact cassette, a mixtape or mix tape is a compilation of songs from various sources arranged in a specific order.

The invention of the compact cassette had a huge impact on not only the music industry but society as a whole.  At 4 x 3 inches they were easily portable, their plastic shell made them cheap to manufacture, and coupled with recording devices they offered music consumers the freedom to tailor their listening experience. If you are from this era, chances are you spent hours carefully crafting mixtapes with songs recorded from live radio or dubs from pre-recorded cassettes.

The Mixtape Museum (MXM) is an archive project established to collect, preserve, and share knowledge related to mixtape history.

The MXM is devoted to advancing public understanding and appreciation of the art, history, technique, and impact mixtapes have made around the world. While encouraging the research of mixtapes as records of time, place and situation, it will also examine the individuals that have shaped their existence. Through exhibitions, technology, publications, symposia, collaborative projects, and other partnerships, our aim is to create an environment that encourages dialogue between scholars, music professionals, and enthusiasts on the mixtapes various functions in society.

To celebrate the mixtape and how it transformed music socially, creatively, economically, and psychologically, MXM will:

  • Encourage, organize, and systematize preservation in the DJ community
  • Promote the intellectual and artifactual importance of mixtapes
  • Partner with like-minded individuals and organizations
  • Increase awareness of mixtape and DJ heritage by engaging the general public and media
  • Become a  major hub of information and resources

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In loving memory of Orpheus ‘Justo’ Faison
March 17, 1969 – May 14, 2005