Jazzy Jay, Rich Medina, More Will Play Records From Afrika Bambaataa’s Collection at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

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The records. (Courtesy GBE) It’s hard to measure this sort of thing, but from what I can tell, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise is certainly having more fun this summer than…

Words Inspired by Mixtapes II

“Find music that moves you through these times.” – DJ Lynnee Denise

  Funk, Faith, Praise (Fly Away Trayvon) I never intended to release this mix. I considered it to be unfinished, in need of a polishing. Today, I heard it and it allowed me… Continue reading

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Fresh Publication Added to the MXM Library: An Interview with Saul Williams

  An Interview with Saul Williams by Robert Walsh “It blew up this year! It came out in 2002 and they put it back out, and finally the people were ready for it,… Continue reading

Exclusive Tony Touch and Kid Capri interview with Ralph McDaniels at Tony Touch Album release

2013 Tools of War True School NYC Summer Park Jams

THE CROTONA PARK JAMS 10TH ANNIVERSARY: BRONX presented by The Friends of Crotona Park, Rane and Tools of War grassroots Hip Hop in association with Bronx Councilman Joel Rivera July 11: Jazzy Jay, Jazzy… Continue reading

The Ted Smooth Old School Jam, July 21

The Ted Smooth Old School Jam, July 10

Call for Mixtapes: Introducing the IASPM-US Mixtape Series

Hear ye, hear ye! The International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM-US) has put out a call for mixtapes! It’s no question, life’s been good to me/ Cause life ain’t nothing but… Continue reading


Sonic Spirituality: Meditations on Eminem’s “Beautiful” and “My Darling”

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Guest writer Marcia Alesan Dawkins’s new book on rapper Eminem, Eminem: The Real Slim Shady is now available. We here at Sounding Out! are thrilled, so for this…

DJ Ted Smooth Old School Jam | June 23

At the park on 119th street between 2nd and 3rd ave. in East Harlem from 12pm-7pm or watch it live on www.djtedsmooth.com.  

The Day I Fell In Love with Hip Hop by Derrick Dolphin

It was the summer of ’79, I was a youngin, and spent a lot of time at my Grandma’s building. Located on the border of Harlem and Washington Heights, 1909 Amsterdam Avenue, a.k.a.… Continue reading

Support Graffiti Rock!

Dear Graffiti Rock Fans & Journalists, “0” time has arrived! Today begins my campaign to produce the documentary, Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story, as well as release the 30th Anniversary Edition of Graffiti… Continue reading

Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book is Now Available for Pre-Order!

Congratulations to Bun B and Shea Serrano. Their blog turned book is set to release on September 17, 2013, but you can reserve your copiesssssssss now! — Rapper Bun B lends his street cred and occasionally his… Continue reading

DJ Enuff in Epee’s Collection

the music tape

Cold Crush Brothers at Harlem World 1981 II | DJ Dan-O Collection

Ampex Premium

Still have any mix tapes lying about? Go digital with this cheap converter from Sanwa Direct

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Remember making all those mixed-tapes after the Walkman burst onto the scene at the beginning of the 80s (for those of you who grew up with all…

Cold Crush Brothers at Harlem World,1981 | DJ Dan-O Collection

  DJ Dan-O Collection

Resonant Bodies: Landscapes of Acoustic Tension

When a solid body meets its natural resonant frequency, it violently vibrates and breaks into pieces. What happens when the human body meets its resonant frequencies? Mostly a combination of soft tissue and… Continue reading

Tools of War True School NYC Summer Park Jams 2013

June 6 – September 27: 2013 Tools of War True School NYC Summer Park Jams!! Click here  for the full schedule of weekly park jam celebrations. Find Tools of War grassroots Hip Hop… Continue reading

Cold Crush in DJ Dan-O’s Collection

  “I was at this jam at the Audubon Ballroom and Ecstasy Garage. I used to live 6 blocks away on 173rd and Audubon Avenue in Washington Heights.” DJ Dan-O

Hiphop Word Count Case Studies

Hip-Hop Word Count is a searchable ethnographic database housed on StapleCrops.com and created by Tahir Hemphill. The database includes lyrics from over 50,000 Hip-Hop songs from 1979 to present day. The Hip-Hop Word… Continue reading

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Fresh publications added to the MXM resource page!

  We’ve just added some new publications to the scholarly papers section  of our site. Why shouldn’t mixtapes be a topic of discussion in academic circles? You’ll find them here: https://mixtapemuseum.org/scholarlypapers/ ‘Cheaper than… Continue reading

Project Mixtape – Memory

Project Mixtape – Memory from Shaun Jacques on Vimeo. http://makemixtapesnotblogs.wordpress.com/

Library Reunion Lecture Celebrating “Now Scream: The Cornell Hip Hop Collection Exhibition”

Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 4:30pm to 5:30pm Lincoln Hall, B20Dept of Music, 101 Lincoln Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-4101, USA Join Steven F. Pond, associate professor and chair of the department… Continue reading