#HipHopEd 5/21/2013

The Foundation of 5eGallery 4th Anniversary of Celebrating Women in Hip Hop

The Foundation of 5eGallery is hosting their 4th Annual Women in Hip Hop Celebration today, May 14, 2013. The event will be held at Tangent Gallery, 715 E. Milwaukee Street (New Center Area) from 7:00pm… Continue reading

Hip Hop is Poetry Month: A Project of Hip Hop Caucus for National Poetry Month

In honor of National Poetry Month, Hip Hop Caucus has created a video mixtape of Hip Hop culture’s most influential poets. Peep some of the ‘tracks” below, but you’ll have to visit their… Continue reading

Sounding Out! Podcast Episode #6: Spaces of Listening / The Record Shop

Originally posted on Sounding Out!:
In honor of Record Store Day (4/21!!!!) our latest podcast investigates what it means to inhabit the most profound of listening spaces, the record store. While we have…

A Mixtape for National Poetry Month: Poems to Be Heard

Because I believe poems should be seen and heard, here’s the mix of poems in my head, spoken out loud for you. -KC Keep up with KC on her website and tweet at… Continue reading

Why I Love 90’s Hip Hop Mixtapes by Gary Anderson

Back in 1995 I first discovered hip hop mixtapes.  I was 20 years old and had taken a trip to the Potomic Mills mall near DC and there was a kiosk inside that… Continue reading

Tony Atwood’s Throwback Vinyl of the Day: Grandmaster Flash

Grandmaster Flash carefully studied the DJing styles and techniques of earlier DJs, particularly Pete Jones, Kool Herc, and Grandmaster Flowers. As a teenager, he began experimenting with DJ gear in his bedroom, eventually… Continue reading

#HipHopEd 4/16/2013

Tony Atwood’s Throwback Vinyl of the Day: Maze

Propmaster Retro: Placing Hip-Hop Culture on Material

  Celebrate the culture by supporting a Legend. http://www.propmasterretro.com

#HipHopEd | Who’s That Girl?

Watch and read about “Who’s That Girl” here.


Originally posted on Sounding Out!:
Today’s post from Cornell professor Travis Gosa (Africana Studies) marks the return of our “Sound and Pedagogy” Forum for a spring semester refresher course.  It’s a hard time…

In Response to “Student Forum: Non-Stop Hip Hop”

  By Terrance Stevenson, Wesleyan Center for Prison Education Student at Cheshire Correctional Institution As a Center for Prison Education (CPE) student and self professed “hip hop head,” I found the article “Student… Continue reading

Call for Participation: Now Scream! The Hip Hop Collection Exhibition

  If you wanna be down, there’s only 6 days left! We’ve already received pics & quotes from China, Brazil, Greece, Kazakhstan, Wales, Saskatchewan, Oakland, Ithaca, and the Bronx, among others! -Ben Ortiz,… Continue reading

International Hip Hop Parade (IHHP) Animated

The International Hip Hop Parade is pleased to announce the first parade for Hip Hop in the Bronx. “This is an event that will celebrate a culture that is a multi-billion dollar industry today.… Continue reading

Help DJ Smooth Denali in his Fight Against Cancer

To all my family and friends worldwide, We need to unite for this brother, he’s a good dude. If you celebrated with me at my wedding reception, then you know what he can… Continue reading

Tony Atwood’s Throwback Vinyl of the Day: “Time Peace: The Rascals Greatest Hits”

Time Peace: The Rascals’ Greatest Hits is a greatest hits album from The Rascals, released in June 1968. It reached number one on the Billboard Pop Albums chart by September 1968.

Who’s That Girl? | A Film by Nuala Cabral

  Through personal testimony and heated dialogue, hip hop fans and artists speak critically and candidly about an inner conflict, corporate control, and hopes for a music. This film was shot in 2003- 2007.… Continue reading

Fresh, Bold, and So Def Women in Hip-Hop

Fresh, Bold, & So Def (FBSD) is a women and gender research and archive project created to empower and cultivate women in Hip-Hop through a social enterprise solution’s model that is both educational… Continue reading

Breaking Silence: Passing the Mic to Our Daughters

Breaking Silence: Passing the Mic to Our Daughters Project (BSPMD)  is a filmed based project, offering a platform for young women in hip-hop to openly discuss and analyze the messages they’re receiving within… Continue reading

Looking for the Perfect “Break” with BreakBeat Lou

Rebel Diaz Arts Collective Launch Fundraising Campaign As They Rebound From Eviction

Originally posted on Davey D's Hip Hop Corner:
Peace World….Good Morning and Good Day…. Many of you have asked us how you can help The RDACBX after our collective and space was…

DJ Doo Wop Celebrating 20 Years in the Mixtape Game

Known to many as “Da Bouncemasta”, Doo Wop has made a significant impact in the hip-hop and mixtape world, and he is considered by most to be an urban street legend. His classic mixtapes 95 LIVE… Continue reading

Legendary Photographer Joe Conzo’s Collection Finds Home at The Cornell University Hip Hop Collection

Source:http://rmc.library.cornell.edu/hiphop/conzo.html Coming 2013! The Cornell Hip Hop Collection is the proud home of the archive of photographer Joe Conzo, Jr., featuring more than 15,000 of his negatives and prints. Called “The man who… Continue reading

DJ Dr. Duss: History of the Beats (Side A and B)

Download History of the Beat Side B, courtesy of Dr. Duss. DJ Dr. Duss, known throughout the Hip Hop world as the Mixologist, hails from the Millbrook section of the Bronx. Not only is… Continue reading

Celebrate the Launch of the William & Mary Hip Hop Collection

Established by Swem Library’s Special Collections at the College of William & Mary, the William & Mary Hip Hop Collection is the most comprehensive of its kind dedicated to Virginia’s hip hop culture… Continue reading

Call for Panelists | Sound, music, technology: anthropological explorations

  Sound, music, technology: anthropological explorations, panel taking place at the at the American Anthropological Association (AAA)’s 112th Annual Meeting at the Chicago Hilton on November 20-24, 2013, needs additional participants. Check out details on… Continue reading

Tony Atwood’s Throwback Vinyl of the Day: “Refusized” Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

Call for Participation: Now Scream! The Hip Hop Collection Exhibition

The Hip Hop Collection at Cornell University wants to include YOU in the Now Scream Exhibition! Dear Hip Hop Nation! If you wanna be down, there’s only 6 days left!!! We’ve already received… Continue reading