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Collector’s Spotlight: Eric Johnson | Chico, California

In this series, MXM features avid mixtape collectors and their analog collections. Originally from the east coast, Eric Johnson lives in Chico, California. You can take the mixtape collector out of the tri-state area… Continue reading

Collector’s Spotlight: Epée Hervé Dingong | Paris, France

In this new series, MXM features avid mixtape collectors and their analog collections. The first hails from Paris, France. We call him The Mixtape Journalist. Over the last decade, Epée Hervé Dingong has… Continue reading


My (slightly sappy) mixed tape memory: When I first met my husband, he burned a couple of albums for me that made me weak in the knees. In return, I made a mixed… Continue reading

Craig Eley

#MixtapeMemory: “Like so many people, my love of mixtapes is tied up in the idea of love itself — both romantic and platonic. Though I admire many mixtapes put out into the world,… Continue reading

Sien ide

Location: New York Website | Pinterest | Tumblr   As I write these lines I could hear that mixtape playing in my head. Blend after blend, it’s embedded in my brain. You know… Continue reading


One of my best memories of a mixtape was in 1987. I had a tape that was filled with hip hop from 85 and 86, several tracks from LL Cool J’s “My Radio”… Continue reading


#MixtapeMemory: “For a few years I had a ‘mixtape correspondence’ with Hugh J. Noble from ActionPop! records. I remember the beautifully improbable names he would always come up with. My favourite tape he… Continue reading

Professor Anthony Kwame Harrison

Bay Area youngsters embraced bedroom production and ad-hoc self-distribution networks as a means of re-envisioning and self-fashioning their conception of and relationship to authentic hip hop. Professor Harrison is an Associate Professor at… Continue reading

Rapmullet on Ron G

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Troy L. Smith

When I was young I learned to repair cassette tapes. The repair job sometimes included with Scotch tape, Crazy glue, a whole new tape carriage, and possibly the replacement of screws I would get… Continue reading

Dr. John Spruill

This is yet another issue that plagues us. There are things on some of these cassettes that only we have, and it desperately needs to be preserved. I still have BOXES upon BOXES… Continue reading