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ABC News covers #ScienceGenius #HipHopEd

“The idea here is to take what they are looking for already, combine that with their culture, introduce them to science which is something they are inherently good at anyway and then open up new possibilities.” – Dr. Chris… Continue reading

Stampede Fireflies Presents BronxRBG

Death Wish Mixtape: Sounding Trayvon Martin’s Death

by R.N. Bradley for Sounding Out!: Sound Studies Blog Published on March 26, 2012 “Many men wish death up on me/ blood in my eye dog and I can’t see/ I’m trying to be… Continue reading

Davey D Made a Mixtape: Hip Hop Songs You Should Know As We Celebrate Black History (Volume 1)

Originally posted on Davey D's Hip Hop Corner:
With this being Black History Month, I been going through a lot of songs and videos that may give us food for thought, inspire…

2013 DMC in Denver

Million Hoodies Candlelight Vigil for Trayvon Martin

Emery Petchauer [a.k.a DJ Ill-Literate] on “The Last Holiday”

On the Assembly Line: Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Last Holiday” by Emery Petchauer for the Los Angeles Review of Books The Posthumously published memoir of poet, musician, and activist Gil Scott-Heron is a body… Continue reading

Illusion Created with Cassette Tape

A Q. & A. With Skyzoo, Mixtape Master with Chris O’Shea

Jun 17, 2011 When I was in eighth grade, I was madly in love. But the girl, who I wanted to marry and sometimes wrote sad poems about, didn’t feel the same way.… Continue reading

The Schomburg’s Hip-Hop 4.0 Initiatives

Higher Learning is presented as part of the Schomburg’s Hip-Hop 4.0 Initiative to examine the ways educators are using hip-hop culture to engage and teach K-12 students in classrooms and the community. Hip-Hop… Continue reading

TODAY: The Writings of Skyzoo: An Intimate Evening of Storytelling

Tonight, Skyzoo will present his LIVE Jazz concert experience ‘The Writings of Skyzoo’ at Harlem’s new hotspot MIST Harlem. Skyzoo will perform select songs from his catalog alongside a 7-piece band, featuring: Power 105’s… Continue reading

Happy President’s Day, Peeps!

1. Intro 2. David Banner, Busta Rhymes & Talib Kweli – “Black President (Rmx Pt. 1)” 3. Barack Obama – “Stand Up”* 4. Nas Speaks On Politics 5. Styles P. & Cassidy –… Continue reading

Colleges Love Hip-Hop, but Do They Love Black Men Too?

By Travis L. Gosa for The Chronicle This month the College of William & Mary  followed in the footsteps of Cornell, Harvard, and colleges that are part of the Atlanta University Center by… Continue reading

My Students Rapping

Originally posted on Barking and Talking:
CC licensed image shared by Flickr user Foro do Eixo I was perusing my hard drive, taking a click down memory lane. Man, I have no idea…

Sonic Borders Virtual Panel: Theo Cateforis’s “No Control, or: How I Learned to Start Worrying about Sound” from IASPM-US

In high school I was that guy. The one who spent every spare penny at the local record stores. The one who would make you a mixtape or tape a whole album to cassette for… Continue reading

DJ Red Alert & DJ T-Wrex present

Hip-Hop Hijabis, a film about Poetic Pilgrimage

A feature documentary about Poetic Pilgrimage, two Muslim converts promoting women’s rights through music, and their journey to find their own voices. Sukina and Muneera met at a teen talent show in their… Continue reading

Homeboy Sandman on “Tashay,” Gun Violence and Rapathon 2013

This week, the re-release of Homeboy Sandman’s song “Tashay” has set the internet on fire and helped kickstart the Road to the Rapathon. With this year’s event being a special End the Violence… Continue reading

Esurance Shows the Mixtape Museum Some Love

Esurance, one of the top names in auto insurance, released a commercial during the 2012 Olympics featuring the Mixtape. We searched online for days looking for the video; they finally released it today… Continue reading

Job Alert: ACLS Public Fellows

Are you a recent recipient of a Ph.D. in the humanities or humanistic social sciences?  The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) has arranged twenty, two-year staff positions at partnering organizations in government and the… Continue reading

Apollo 14: The Mixtape that Went to the Moon

  We thought selling mixtapes was illegal; this one has a $200 price tag. Included  in an upcoming auction of Apollo 14 artifacts, is an original Apollo 14 mixtape. Flown cassette tape and… Continue reading


The Hip Hop Culture Center (H2C2) brings The Rapathon back to Harlem in an effort to help End Gun Violence. The Hip Hop Culture Center is producing a Rapathon to support Harlem Mothers… Continue reading


Originally posted on Wait until next year:
I think it must have been September 1992 when a school friend of mine handed me a beat-up C90 tape. He had borrowed some albums from…

Happy Birthday Kid Capri!

Kid Capri & Chief Rocker Starchild – Live at National Black Theater (Side A). Courtesy of our Mixtape Librarian, Tapemasta. This is one of his favorites. RIP to Chief Rocker Starchild. Painting Above: Full size here.… Continue reading

9th Wonder: W.E.B. Du Bois Institute HipHop Archive Fellow Colloquium

Kool DJ Red Alert Talks DJs and the Origin of the Mixtape

Hip Hop pioneer Kool DJ Red Alert talks to Enveonline about his start in the hip hop culture. He recalls being influences by his Caribbean background as well as people such as Kool… Continue reading

Video Music Box 30th Anniversary Kick-off at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Khalil Gibran Muhammad intro @ The Schomburg Center #30YearsOfVideoMusicBox. Salute Uncle Ralph McDaniels. — richmedina (@richmedina) February 6, 2013 [View the story “Video Music Box 30th Anniversary Kick-off at the Schomburg Center… Continue reading


Originally posted on Sounding Out!:
Welcome to week three of  our February Forum on “Sonic Borders,”  a collaboration with the IASPM-US blog in connection with this year’s IASPM-US conference on Liminality and Borderlands, held in Austin, Texas from…

Rakim & Raekwon Live at Stage 48 | Music by Kid Capri & Pete Rock

Change In The Game: The Art. [The Mixtape.] The Audience. The Artist. The Change.

A3C Hip-Hop Festival, Wonderroot & Atlanta Film Festival present: A short film by w. feagins, jr. commissioned by A3C for the 1st Annual A3C Hip-Hop Film Festival. This film which was the focus… Continue reading

  • Mixtape Inspired Lyrics

    I let my tape rock, till my tape popped.-Notorious B.I.G, "Ready to Die"

    It’s no question, life’s been good to me/ Cause life ain’t nothing but a good groove/ A good mixtape to put you in the right mood. -The Beastie Boys, “Professor Booty” More lyrics here..



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