Tymeek “The Original DJ Speed” Baxter, Suntoucher Entertainment
Karioki Crosby,
Digital Literacy Educator, Latimer Heights and Hip-Hop Hacks
Epée Hervé Dingong
, Mixtape Journalist
Charles “Tapemasta” Emery, Mixtape Librarian
Paradise Gray, The Paradise Collection and Universal Hip Hop Museum
Eric Johnson, Mixtape Collector

Dr. Kevin Kosanovich, Founder/Curator of the William & Mary Hip-Hop Collection
Camille Lawrence, Archivist, Black Beauty Archives
Leonard Madu, LMC Consulting
Regan “Sommer” McCoy, Founder and Chief Curator, The Mixtape Museum
Peter “Q Ban” Anthony Morgan, Database & Business Manager
Rich Nice, The A&R Room, Sway in the Morning
Rocky Rockett
, Houston/DJ Screw Hip-Hip Historian and Community Organizer

Zack Taylor, Cinematographer, Director of Cassette: A Documentary


The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy
The Gates Preserve
The Hip-Hop Education Center
Universal Hip Hop Museum
William & Mary Hip-Hop Collection