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Mixtape’s #1 Fan: Remembering Justo Faison

Mixtape Memory Project

Cassette: The Documentary

Upon completion, Cassette will be a feature-length documentary chronicling the history of the compact cassette. Zach Taylor and Seth Smoot, the visionaries behind the project have been interviewing musicians, collectors, record labels, authors, historians, and DJs about the cassette, and most recently had the privileged to sit down with Lou Ottens, inventor of the cassette.Photo credit: Zack Taylor








The Art Behind the Tape


“The Art Behind the Tape is a coffee table book exploring the history of mixtape cover art. The book will give the reader a visual history of  DJ mixtapes from the cassette era when covers were simply handwritten  j-cards, to the present where DJs commission a professional graphic artist. The project started by DJ Mars, Bril Ndiaye, and Maurice Garland was successfully funded via Kickstarter and is set to release in 2014.
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