Elodie A. Roy

#MixtapeMemory: “For a few years I had a ‘mixtape correspondence’ with Hugh J. Noble from ActionPop! records. I remember the beautifully improbable names he would always come up with. My favourite tape he sent me was called ‘Popgun Summer’; ‘Hip to be Square to be Hip’ was another one.”

Elodie A. Roy has a doctorate from the International Centre for Music Studies (ICMuS, Newcastle University). Her work examines the material culture of music and the relationship between music objects and memorial practices, particularly in the wake of digitisation. She is a specialist in the history of British independent record labels and runs her own tape and CD label. She has also created many fanzines, including the music fanzine Applejack.

She has published in the field of popular music and French literature (with a book chapter in Le Cœur dans tous ses Etats – Essais sur la Littérature et l’Art français,Peter Lang, 2013). Her forthcoming publications include a book chapter on Sarah Records in LitPop – Literature and Pop Music (Ashgate) and an article about the online archiving of music (Networking Knowledge).

She is the co-organiser, with Dr Richard Elliott, of the ‘Musical Materialities in the Digital Age’ Conference (University of Sussex, June 2014). She is also the co-organiser, with Matt Ord, of the ‘One Century of Record Labels’ Conference (Newcastle University, November 2014).


  • ‘Perfect Pop Story: Sarah Records (1987-1995)’ in LitPop: Writing and Popular Music, Eds. A. Hansen and R. Carroll (Ashgate, forthcoming 2014).
  • ‘Displacing the past – Mediated nostalgia and recorded sound’, to be published in Volume! The French Journal of Popular Music Studies – Special Nostalgia Issue, Eds. H. Dauncey and T. Tinker (forthcoming 2014)
  • Review of Jim Rogers’ The Death and Life of the Music Industry in the Digital Age (Bloomsbury, 2013) (to be published in Volume! The French Journal of Popular Music Studies, forthcoming 2014)
  • ‘All the Memory in the World, All the Music in the World – Mediating Musical Patrimony in the Digital Age’ (to be published in the peer-reviewed postgraduate journal Networking Knowledge, forthcoming 2014)


  • Cassette Fever in the Age of Bandcamp (published on the webzine PopMatters, April 2014)
  • What Embers Still Burn in the Beautiful Ruins of Riot Grrrls Past? (published on the webzine PopMatters, May 2014)

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