Location: New York
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As I write these lines I could hear that mixtape playing in my head. Blend after blend, it’s embedded in my brain. You know that tape you bought twice? That make me a copy tape, that extra copy locked in the glove compartment tape. That Double R #12 Sh!t. That tape right there blasting through four 12inch EV’s, 1000watt Harman Kardon amps and a removable ALPINE with a Goose neck EQ. The system cost more than the car at the time. Lol. It was a 1989 Jetta with Virginia plates. A real Fxck the Police, I’m twenty something and don’t give a fuck stereo system. It’s my Beat…. It’s–my- beat. It’s my BEAT. Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce-Blasting! And Trinidadian track by Ced The Lyrical Genius. Trinidadian, Trinidadian, Trinidadian, Whats up ho-ney? Plenty good tapes out there at that time but the one’s I got my money’s worth from were them Double R joints. Innovation, no talk, no bullsh!t, JUSTRAIGHT Bizness!

Up 7 Down Harlem in my Jetta without having to press rewind or eject. Myouth

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