Charles ‘Tapemasta’ Emery

Tapemasta is an avid mixtape collector; he began collecting mixtapes in the late 70s. His collection of thousands includes early S & S, Kid Capri, Doo Wop, Ron G, Kay Slay, Juice, Dexterity, Clue, Iroc, Double R, Kool Mike Ski, Craig G, Luv Bug Starski, Brucie B, Starchild, Chubby Chubb, Jazzy Joyce, Action PAC, The Legendary Showtime, Chill Will FTE  and more.

He was one of first to create mixtape reviews for both print and online media including Rapmullet, Mixtape Elements, Foundation Magazine, Tape Kingz, Nasty Nes & The Rapattacklives, Mixtape Madness, and The Technition Magazine.

“You gotta love the dated mixtapes with no covers or playlists, though!”

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