Change In The Game: The Art. [The Mixtape.] The Audience. The Artist. The Change.

A3C Hip-Hop Festival, Wonderroot & Atlanta Film Festival present: A short film by w. feagins, jr. commissioned by A3C for the 1st Annual A3C Hip-Hop Film Festival.

This film which was the focus of this week’s #HipHopEd Twitter conversation gathered the thoughts of a handful of artists, djs, producers and industry personnel, on the topic of change in the music industry. How has the game changed as a result of influences like technology and mass-marketing? Are these beneficial for the Hip-Hop culture?

We were happy to see that they spent a nice chunk of time (around the 6:00 mark) on mixtapes. While the entire film is a must-see; give the mixtape section a second glance. What are your thoughts? How do you define “mixtape”? Comments are open below!

A mixtape was, let me show you how good I can dj. A mixtape was, let me show you my taste in records or my familiarity with records. A mixtape was, let me let you hear what you haven’t heard yet. And then a mixtape became, Let me let you hear what you didn’t even know was dope, until you heard it the way I play it. And then let me let you hear what ain’t even out yet.”, J-Live a.k.a Justice Allah (MC, DJ, and producer from New York)

Since its origins in the 1970s, Hip-Hop was once viewed as merely a passing fad. Now, nearly 40 years later it has proven it’s here to stay and it’s a force to be reckoned with. Hip-Hop has grown from its humble beginnings to have a global impact but, as with any growth there comes change. While artists and fans alike dispute whether the changes have been for the better or not, there is no denying their effect on the genre.

Change in the Game discusses some of the changes that have affected how Hip-Hop is created and received as well as factors that influenced those changes such as, technology, commercial success and the relationship between the artists new and old.

“This isn’t good or bad. It’s just the way of things. Nothing stays the same.”- Unknown


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