“This mixtape memory is an excerpt from my manuscript The Divine Chronicles. It is literary a mixtape.”

Mixtape Master: A Q & A With Skyzoo and Chris O’Shea

The mixtape is a powerful thing. As a kid, they were a way to show how much you cared about someone. For others, like those in hip-hop, the mixtape is a way to get their music to the people who crave it. It’s not an album; it’s much more personal. Though the mixtape hasn’t been a “tape” for many years now, the idea—that this highly personal collection of songs can move minds—remains the same.

Tapemasta Remembers

The year is 1985, September to be exact. This is the birth of Pushin’ Tapes! In this pic, I was … More

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson | Chico, California

Originally from the east coast, Eric Johnson lives in Chico, California. MXM: Where are you from? EJ: I was born … More

Craig Eley

Like so many people, my love of mixtapes is tied up in the idea of love itself — both romantic and platonic.

Elodie A. Roy

For a few years I had a ‘mixtape correspondence’ with Hugh J. Noble from ActionPop! records.