Harlem World

Harlem World is a timely and powerful record of mixtape history. Mael masterfully weaves soulful stories into a cinematic narrative, delivering a remarkable collection of mixtape memories. Arriving on hip hop’s golden anniversary, this classic is a love letter to the genre, our hip hop heroes, community collections and archives, Harlem, and the cassette.

— Regan Sommer McCoy, The Mixtape Museum

Mixtape Nostalgia

“Mixtape Nostalgia is a deeply personal book that diligently documents the evolution of the mixtape. Crafted like a perfectly curated mixtape, it traces the ebb and flow of the medium through its analog and digital eras, across genres, while thoughtfully centering the voices of ‘mixtapers.’ Jehnie I. Burns presents a masterpiece that’s essential to mixtape scholarship.”

– Regan Sommer McCoy, Founder and Chief Curator, Mixtape Museum

January ‘93

“This mixtape memory is an excerpt from my manuscript The Divine Chronicles. It is literary a mixtape.”

DJ Rock Jesus, Hampton, Va

My vivid mixtape memory is when I first heard Kid Capri do the blend with Stephanie Mills, “Something in the…

Analog Love

Analog Love is a joyful look at why this ritual of communication through music still continues to be so meaningful.