The Foundation of 5eGallery 4th Anniversary of Celebrating Women in Hip Hop


The Foundation of 5eGallery is hosting their 4th Annual Women in Hip Hop Celebration today, May 14, 2013. The event will be held at Tangent Gallery, 715 E. Milwaukee Street (New Center Area) from 7:00pm – 2:00am. Hosting the event is Jessica Care Moore and headlining is Mae Day.

The 5EGallery, Detroit’s foremost Hip-Hop based art gallery and live music performance space, is dedicated to serving Detroit’s creative art and music communities. Artists of all facets enjoy utilizing our space to create, showcase, and sell their respective works of artistic expression. Detroit has one of the largest visual art communities in the country and is home to many musical movements that have impacted the world. 

A live broadcasting of the event will be streamed.

More info here.

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