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Dear Graffiti Rock Fans & Journalists,

“0” time has arrived! Today begins my campaign to produce the documentary, Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story, as well as release the 30th Anniversary Edition of Graffiti Rock, the very first Hip Hop TV show – with added footage from my private, historic, Hip Hop vault, much of which has never been seen!

Be a part of this groundbreaking launch, by sharing it with your friends & readers. By pledging to the campaign, you will experience what Hip Hop Culture looked and felt like in the old school days of 1984, and it just might change Hip Hop Culture for the better!

Click here to be a part of Hip Hop history in the making.

I am confident that this Kickstarter campaign will be a mad success. But of course nothing is guaranteed, so I am asking you again to help me make this dream a reality, and share my Kickstarter campaign with your peeps!

Thank you very much for this important help!

Michael Holman

An influential observer of popular culture and entertainment, Michael Holman is a filmmaker, artist, writer, and musician, based in New York City. A pioneer in the Downtown New York Art Scene and Uptown Hip Hop, Holman founded the band Gray – an industrial atmospheric, noise group – with painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, as well as created and produced the first Hip Hop television show, Graffiti Rock. Holman is a writer/director/producer of film and television, writes film and art criticism, is a painter of splendid works on canvas, and through his revolutionary vision, Holman has helped set the stage for a new epoch in world culture.

“Graffiti Rock was an incredible show… Michael Holman was a genius.” ~ Debi Mazar (on Jimmy Kimmel Live)

“Back in 1984, the excitement that surrounded the show, as a young kid, was inescapable in New York City. We want Graffiti Rock, NOW!” ~ Q-Tip

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