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Live Performances and Appearances By: Lee / Lady Pink / Busy Bee / Patti Astor / Fab 5 Freddy / Grand Wizard Theodore / Cold Crush Bros / Fantastic 5 / Lisa Lee / Rodney C and more

Join SummerStage for a special 30th anniversary screening of the classic Hip-Hop film, “Wild Style” at the East River along with special performances and guests!

For those craving the true roots of Rap, “Wild Style” captured the hard core South Bronx scene at its births. This 1983 film stars a pantheon of Hip-Hop pioneers, including: DJ Grand Master Flash, Grand Master Caz and The Cold Crush Brothers, and The Rock Steady Crew. “Wild Style” also showcases the works of legendary subway artists, Lee Quinones and Sandra Pink Fabara. “Wild Style” follows the outlaw artists through the train yards to the rap/break-dance clubs. Phelim O’Neill of The Guardian says, “Nothing else comes close to capturing the atmosphere of the early days of Hip-Hop and spray can art”
Part of SummerStage’s “This is __ Hip-Hop” series.
Event website: http://www.wildstylethemovie.com/

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