J Dilla Youth Day 2014 | Detroit

Dilla Youth Day


A. Interactive Workshop Stations (12-5PM)
1. Film (Suite for Ma Dukes, Stussy, Ma Dukes’ Dilla Film)
2. Stencil making(Dilla Images)
3. Printmaking (Dilla Images)
4. Emcee (Writing /Free-styling)
5. Arduino (Electronics / DIY Synthesizer)
6. MPC (2 Machines)
7. Garage Band (20 cpu’s )
8. Scratch 101 (DJ Los)
9. Fruity Loops Studio
10. Hip Hop Independent Media (DetroitRap.com)
11. Video Media Creation (Re-Media)
12. Social Media for Hip Hop Justice (Young Educator’s Alliance)

B. Rebirth of Detroit Documentary Screening (3p – 3:30p)

Art Exhibition: Ma Dukes Collection + Black History 101 Mobile Museum Hip Hop Exhibit
Dilla DJ Exhibition: 4DJ’s / 45 min sets (12p-4p)
Documentary Station (Headphones / T.V. / Projector)
Info booths /Vending (Yancey Media Group / J Dilla Foundation / 5e Gallery)

C. Showcase Youth Works, Mission, Intro Youth Day & Ma Dukes (Piper 4-4:30PM)

D. Intro Sabir Bey (Khafre Sims Bey)
E. Sabir Bey (5-5:30)
C. Intro Youth Showcase (Khafre Sims Bey 5:35PM)
D. Youth Showcase (see performers below 5:35-8PM)
F. Youth DJ (Close Out 8pm-9pm)

5eGallery Sonic Maker Space #DillaYouthDay Detroit 2014 EVENT INFO DETAILS:

Sun Feb 9 2014
Workshops 12-4pm
Performances 5-8pm

Youth Performances by Youth from: Urban Stringz Youth Orchestra, Raise it UpYouth Arts & Activism, 5eHERUbiz Youth, The Raiz Up Youth, The House of Bastet Youth, Hardcore Detroit B-Boy Crew, Motor City Rockerz B-Boy Crew, Illuminate Crew, & King Lynxx.

Introducing: DJ Khalfani (Son of Legendary Detroit Musician Duminie Depores)

Hosted by Khafre Sims Bey

Sonic Maker Space: In keeping with the DIY spirit of the Dilla style of Music Production, the culture of Mechanical Ingenuity of Detroit, & the removal of Arts & Culture from Public Education, How do we give more opportunities to young people to become makers and learn practical skills that can be applied to their own creative process? This event, based on the Disco Tech model is a fun, compelling hands-on program that will inspire young learners in the STEM disciplines.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math):
Connect youth to technologies in order to help them realize the creative potential of cutting-edge hardware and software tools. Also, we’re connecting Detroit’s Best Music Producers & Community Leaders with youth to teach them not only the techniques and equipment but also the history of the Dilla Production Style in order to preserve this culture of Hip Hop.

Producer Instructor Facilitators:

DJ Head – Grammy Award Winning hip-hop producer & DJ best known for producing songs for Eminem.

Nick Speed – Produced tracks for 50 Cent, Tupac Shakur, Lloyd Banks, M.O.P., Talib Kweli, Phat Kat & Musiq Soulchild. He is signed to Money Management Group, a subsidiary of G-Unit Records.

Wesley Taylor – Art Director, Creative Director, Designer A-Side Worldwide, Emergence Music, Cranbrook Art Institute.

Bryce Anderson-Smalls – Culture Creator & Music Producer, AEEtech, The Heru.

HERU Uri House – Technology Inventor & Innovator, Modern Evolution.

DJ Sicari – Co-Owner 5e Gallery & Renowned Detroit DJ.

DJ Uncle Paulie – DJ/Producer, connoisseur of real Hip Hop.

Sacramento Knoxx – Detroit Music Producer, Artist, Activist, Xicano, Anishnabe, Documentary Film Maker, Hip Hop Educator.

Mahogany Jones – Earned her stripes as an Emcee under the tutelage of Toni Blackman’s FreeStyle Union. 4x undefeated champion on BET’s 106 and Park Freestyle Fridays. She has shared stages with such notables as Dead Prez, Rah Digga, The Roots, India.Arie, Gil Scott Heron, Talib Kweli, and Kem. She is The Host of The Foundation of Women in Hip Hop @ 5eGallery. Was selected by The State Department to represent the US Teaching Hip Hop for Civic Engagement, Free-Styling, Writing and Performing in Haiti, Botswana, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Badhdad, South Africa, & Brazil
DPress – Writer, Story Teller, Artist, Hip Hop Addict, Poet, Mc.

Joey Aasim – Artist, Maker, Hacker, Educator, Transportation Activist, Music Composer, Designer.

Stevie Soul – World Renowned Beat-Boxer, Educator.

Nolan the Ninja – Emcee & Producer

James McMullen – Cartographer, Electrical Engineer & an Artist working in metal & wood. He has returned to Detroit after several decades in Silicon Valley, where he developed tools for chip design & simulation, algorithms to extract street geometry from aerial photography, created the Small Blue Planet series of digital atlases, & wrote the original renderer for the mapping engine used by Google & Yahoo. He now works on navigation engines & runs robotics workshops at makerspaces for teenagers at the main library & at 5eGallery. He’s on the Collective of the Hub/Back Alley Bikes, where last year over 300 kids each learned to build a bike of their own

5eHeru Sonic Maker Space #DillaYouthDay Detroit 2014

MPC, The Maschine, Scratch 101, Garage Band, Pro Tools, Ableton, Fruity Loops studio, Audacity, Arduino, DIY Synthesizer, Emcee-ing, Free-styling, Hip Hop Independent Media, Printmaking, Stenciling

Special Guests:

SABIR BEY Minister of Recruitment for the Universal Zulu Nation under the direction of Afrika Bambaataa, Touring with KRS One he’s a member of the Temple of Hip Hop, He often covers the topics of Culture, Moorish Heritage, Constitutional Law, History, Health …and of course, Hip Hop! Bro. Sabir is armed with an arsenal of history and experience in Hip Hop culture. He lectures coast to coast and has shared the mic with KRS-ONE, Mos Def, Dr. Sebi, Common, Dick Gregory, Bobby Hemmit, and many more.

AMP FIDDLER Detroit based celebrated soul/funk musician who has shared stages and studios with everyone from Prince and George Clinton to Primal Scream and underground Detroit producer Moodyman. Amp also played a pivotal role in bringing Slum Village to global attention, and was a friend and collaborator with their producer, the late J Dilla. Amp is the one who taught Dilla how to Produce music and use the technology in his basement on the East side of Detroit.

5eHERUbiz Detroit Future Youth Program: Focus will be on media creation, media software, media literacy, principle building, constructing messages, building issue based campaigns, refining media skills, critiquing our work, researching facts, Dj-ing, Graffiti, & B-boy/B-girl lessons.

The Children’s Center, 5e Gallery, The J Dilla Foundation, The Heru Organization, Modern Evolution, East Michigan Environmental Action Council, Cognizant Making the Future Grant, Detroit Future Youth, The Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, Mt. Elliott Makerspace, Black History 101 Mobile Museum, DetroitRap.com, RAPT.FM, & Whole Foods.

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