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Remembering Analogue

 “I’ll make you a mixtape that’s a blueprint of my soul” – Mixtape by Jamie Cullum from the album The Pursuit

For people of a certain age (i.e. mine)  the mixtape brings back fond memories of afternoons and evenings of teenage ennui banished by curating the perfect combination of songs and getting them to fit exactly onto a side of audio tape then neatly lettering the track names onto the case’s cardboard insert.  Even if you didn’t create music you could now curate it thanks to cassette recorders and mass produced audiotape (and only a vague appreciation of copyright). As Jamie Cullum sings, by combining songs together into your perfect playlist ordinary people could sit in their homes and use music to tell their story or express their message and it was great.  No longer just a passive consumer of music there was the opportunity to participate in the reordering of songs…

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