Davey D Interview with Justo Faison: The History of Mixtapes (April 2005 )

For folks who remember, Justo was a tireless advocate for mixtape deejays. He tragically passed away in a car crash in May 2005 as he was enroute to Virginia in the early morning hours. About a month or so before he passed we had Justo on our radio show to give us a history lesson on the Mixtape and the Mixtape DJ. Sadly it was the last time I spoke with him.

We hope people who listen to this interview not only gain the knowledge but also come to understand and appreciate the passion and commitment Justo had toward Hip-Hop and in particular the DJ who is far too often overlooked.

In this interview, Justo walks us through the time-line of the mixtapes starting with people like Brucie B and Kid Capri all the way up to Ron G, DJ Clue, Green Lantern, and K-Slay.

He talks about how the mixtape has evolved to become an institution that is now used by politicians and major corporations to promote products and ideology.

He also talks about his plans for the annual mixtape awards as well as his plans to release a documentary on the Mixtape History. In Remembrance of Justo, we offer up this Interview. Please reflect and build upon his words.


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