Screwed Up HQ Non-Profit in Partnership with Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

3538 West Fuqua Street

Houston, TX 77045

Press Release


Screwed Up HQ is now officially fiscally sponsored by Contemporary Arts Museum Houston to honor the late great DJ Screw and the fallen soldiers of the Screwed Up Click.

HOUSTON, TEXAS (February 26, 2020)—Screwed Up Records & Tapes (Screwed Up Headquarters) is pleased to announce an official partnership with Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) to establish Screwed Up HQ Non-Profit. This partnership will allow Screwheads and fans of chopped and screwed music to participate in community based programs and events, receive music entrepreneurship training, and provide local residents and visitors of all ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and education levels with an accessible outlet for musical entertainment in Houston.

While serving as a guest curator of Slowed & Throwed: Records of The City Through Mutated Lenses, Big Bubb, owner of Screwed Up Records & Tapes, knew that CAMH would be a great host for Screwed Up HQ Non-Profit and after joining forces with BABA RUEROB, son of S.U.C. Legend Big Rue, and Rocky Rockett, independent hip-hop educator and manager of E.S.G., the trio were able to collectivize for the love of DJ Screw and the screw community.

Screwed Up HQ Non-Profit executive leadership alongside Big Bubb includes BABA RUEROB, Executive Director; and Rocky Rockett, Community Engagement Officer. CAMH fiscal sponsorship includes executive leadership, professional development, and financial consultation and support for Screwed Up HQ Capital Campaign from Seba Raquel Suber, CAMH’s Director of Finance and Strategic Resources, and Director of Development, Cheryl Newcomb.

“I have finally found my purpose here. I had no idea that it would be tied to DJ Screw. Somehow I just wound up around his friends and family and I just supported their desire to help him Screw Up The WORLD,” said Rockett. “After two successful virtual events and celebrations in 2020, I am excited to provide more education and community based events both online and in-person in 2021.”

Screwed Up HQ’s newly formed non-profit is a continuation of the cultural legacy that DJ Screw provided to the Houston hip-hop community in the late 1990s and early 2000s that can now be appreciated and archived for generations to come.

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Screwed Up Records & Tapes is located at 3538 West Fuqua Drive Houston, Texas 77045

For media inquiries, please contact Rocky Rockett at or call 832.901.3928.

Screwed Up HQ and CAMH Partner to Amplify the Legacy and Influence of DJ Screw


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