Street Dreams

by Kalani Caraballo

Back on June 16th, 2017, the world lost Prodigy of Mobb Deep. I remember driving home from work and listening to Clue on Hot 97. Given the days events, he was playing all Mobb Deep records. And not just the hits, but the street classics as well. Hearing “Young Love” on Hot 97, made think back to all the appearances, and classics Prodigy had on Mixtapes. I remembered seeing J-Love’s Mobb Misses in my cousin’s collection. Through Google, I saw J-Love was selling a download for Mobb Misses Vol.1. From there, it lead my down a rabbit hole. Next thing I knew, I started spending my down time from Dummie Comics to scouring the internet for Mixtapes. Searching for Clue’s, Doo Wop’s, KaySlay, etc. While looking for Mixtapes, I started to think about how dope it would be to speak to these DJ’s, and hear more about their story. I thought of doing a Podcast, that was the original idea for Street Dreams.

As of April, my job closed due to Covid-19. Left unemployed, and nothing but time on my hands, a creative mind tends to wander. The day Doo Wop announced, that he and Tony Touch would be battling, was the day a spark hit me, “Why not do a Fanzine!?”, I said to myself.

I remember saying, “I could write about the battle, maybe reach out to Doo Wop”. I was excited. I remember I sent Doo Wop a cold DM, introducing myself, and requesting an interview.

This issue is Dedicated to all the Mixtape DJ’s Worldwide! Street Dreams is for Hip Hop Heads, by a Hip Hop Head! Enjoy this issue, and we hope you’ll come back for the next! Get the 1st issue of Street Dreams magazine here.

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