Hip-Hop Hijabis, a film about Poetic Pilgrimage

A feature documentary about Poetic Pilgrimage, two Muslim converts promoting women’s rights through music, and their journey to find their own voices.

Sukina and Muneera met at a teen talent show in their hometown of Bristol, where Muneera was DJing and Sukina was singing. They bonded over their love of music, passion for social justice, spiritual curiosity and their shared Jamaican heritage. A close friendship developed and eventually manifested itself as Poetic Pilgrimage – a spoken word and Hip Hop duo on fire!

Their shared spiritaul curiosity lead them to explore different belief systems. Despite their initial concerns about the position of Muslim women, they were heavily inspired by the autobiography of Malcolm X and eventually converted to Islam.

Convinced that cultural traditions and misinterpretations have distorted the egalitarian message of early Islam, they decided to challenge these attitudes using catchy tunes and hard-hitting rhymes. The fact that some consider music to to be haram, or forbidden, has not detered them from their quest for justice.

Poetic Pilgrimage

Hip Hop Hijabis follows the personal and professional lives of Poetic Pilgrimage over three years. It goes behind the scenes at major international events but also shares their private highs and lows, as difficult decisions need to be made. It’s an emotional, thought-provoking and engaging musical that takes us on a journey through the UK, US and Morocco.

To complete the film, they must raise funds to put towards post-production and distribution. Please support their project by donating and/or sharing their story. Please visit their crowd funding page here.

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