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Justin D. Burton and Jason Lee Oakes Seek Essays that Pay Respect to Hip Hop Scholarship

CALL FOR PROPOSALS – THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF HIP HOP MUSIC STUDIES Edited by Justin D Burton and Jason Lee Oakes Deadlines Abstracts (400 words): 1 October 2015 Chapter Drafts (5k-7k words): 1… Continue reading

Science Genius Finals at the Intrepid

a LOUD silence: 40 Year Celebrations of Hip Hop

  #HipHop404040  “A LOUD SILENCE” TURNS UP THE VOLUME TO CELEBRATE 40 YEARS OF HIP HOP AS SERIOUS FUN We celebrate 40 years of culture, community, and the spirit of positive change! We… Continue reading

#HipHopEd 7/16/2013

Hiphop Word Count Case Studies

Hip-Hop Word Count is a searchable ethnographic database housed on and created by Tahir Hemphill. The database includes lyrics from over 50,000 Hip-Hop songs from 1979 to present day. The Hip-Hop Word… Continue reading

#HipHopEd 5/21/2013

#HipHopEd 4/16/2013

In Response to “Student Forum: Non-Stop Hip Hop”

  By Terrance Stevenson, Wesleyan Center for Prison Education Student at Cheshire Correctional Institution As a Center for Prison Education (CPE) student and self professed “hip hop head,” I found the article “Student… Continue reading

Who’s That Girl? | A Film by Nuala Cabral

  Through personal testimony and heated dialogue, hip hop fans and artists speak critically and candidly about an inner conflict, corporate control, and hopes for a music. This film was shot in 2003- 2007.… Continue reading

Breaking Silence: Passing the Mic to Our Daughters

Breaking Silence: Passing the Mic to Our Daughters Project (BSPMD)  is a filmed based project, offering a platform for young women in hip-hop to openly discuss and analyze the messages they’re receiving within… Continue reading

Music Positive

Welcome “ProfessU” to the Hip Hop Blogosphere

  ProfessU is designed exclusively for a wide and diverse audience with enlightened curiosity. ProfessU was created to give a positive voice to entertainment and sports figures in trending news, interviews and unique… Continue reading

Higher Learning Series: Hip-Hop and Technology [Digital Humanities] w/ Rap Genius

Higher Learning Series: Hip-Hop and Technology at Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Meet Ilan Zechory, Mahbod Moghadam, and Tom Leham graduates of Yale University… Continue reading

Hip-Hop Pedagogy & Influence is Global w/ Martha Diaz

@SpokenReasons & @UncleRush Team Up to Bring You the Record Deal featuring a C-60 Cassette

ABC News covers #ScienceGenius #HipHopEd

“The idea here is to take what they are looking for already, combine that with their culture, introduce them to science which is something they are inherently good at anyway and then open up new possibilities.” – Dr. Chris… Continue reading

The Schomburg’s Hip-Hop 4.0 Initiatives

Higher Learning is presented as part of the Schomburg’s Hip-Hop 4.0 Initiative to examine the ways educators are using hip-hop culture to engage and teach K-12 students in classrooms and the community. Hip-Hop… Continue reading

Colleges Love Hip-Hop, but Do They Love Black Men Too?

By Travis L. Gosa for The Chronicle This month the College of William & Mary  followed in the footsteps of Cornell, Harvard, and colleges that are part of the Atlanta University Center by… Continue reading

My Students Rapping

Royan Lee is a teacher leader in the York Region District School Board, Ontario, Canada. Currently an intermediate literacy teacher in Richmond Hill, he has experience teaching all elementary grades. Royan’s current professional… Continue reading

Hip-Hop Hijabis, a film about Poetic Pilgrimage

A feature documentary about Poetic Pilgrimage, two Muslim converts promoting women’s rights through music, and their journey to find their own voices. Sukina and Muneera met at a teen talent show in their… Continue reading

Homeboy Sandman on “Tashay,” Gun Violence and Rapathon 2013

This week, the re-release of Homeboy Sandman’s song “Tashay” has set the internet on fire and helped kickstart the Road to the Rapathon. With this year’s event being a special End the Violence… Continue reading