The Elephant Mixtapes Project?


Who:  A dude named Mr. Buckets
What:  It’s called The Elephant Mixtapes Project, a slightly modified version of “The Easter Egg Hunt.”
Where: Chi-town (
Why:  Because he is generous and loves mixtapes!

Get the full description below,  straight from the horse’s elephant’s mouth.

The Elephant Mixtapes Project is simple genius: I make 10 copies of a mix tape every month. From there they are hidden in various places in Chicago, Ill. If you find it you do the following:

  • Find the contact info inside the tape’s artwork.
  • Take a picture (with or without you in it) of the tape and a description of where you found it.
  • Write a little something about the music.

Of course this is completely voluntary and, if you wish, anonymous. If you don’t feel like contributing simply leave the tape and continue with your day.

From there you have a few choices:

  • Hide it again for someone else to find.
  • Make a copy for yourself and give it to a friend.
  • Keep it forever near your heart.

Why am I doing this, you ask? Simple: I enjoy making mixtapes. Combine that with the pleasure of giving or happening upon a little gift is something everyone can enjoy. In addition, it will, hopefully, be interesting to see where these cassettes travel to and into whose hands they may land.

IMG_20130228_195158 (1)

Two of the four tapes he planted were found. One by Rachel Davis at vintage arcade museum, Logan Hardware. She writes about her find here. So, if you are taking a trip to the Chi anytime soon, you might want to check out remaining hints 2, and 3.

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