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The Evolution of the Mixtape: A Dedication to Justo Faison by Gary Anderson

March 17, 1969 – May 14, 2005 The Mixtape Museum project exists to ensure that Justo Faison and the legacies of the djs he celebrated are never forgotten. Read on.   THE EVOLUTION… Continue reading


My (slightly sappy) mixed tape memory: When I first met my husband, he burned a couple of albums for me that made me weak in the knees. In return, I made a mixed… Continue reading

The Return of the IASPMUS Mixtape Series!

Submissions for the International Association for the Study of Popular Music’s call for mixtapes are now being accepted on a rolling basis. IASPM-US on Twitter IASPM-US Website Our mixtape series is back! Mixtapes… Continue reading

Happy Birthday to the Illest

Proof People Still Believe in #MixtapeValentines

Never expected to get an actual cassette mixtape for Valentine's Day 😄 — Blaine Butcher (@bengalblaine) February 15, 2014 Best valentine's day gift?! I'd prefer a real mixtape, thanks. http://t.co/MBmy7qMDf8 — GRAVEYARD ORBIT… Continue reading

TAYBLE’S Making Mixtape Table

Taylor, Justin, and Zach, who collectively make up the creative group TAYBLE, don’t look like they are even old enough to know what a compact cassette is, but they have designed one of the… Continue reading

The Beastie Boys, “Professor Booty.” Check Your Head.

“It’s no question, life’s been good to me / Cause life ain’t nothing but a good groove / A good mixtape to put you in the right mood.”

Mixtapes Explained to Modern Kids

Dangerous Minds: The Lost Art of Cassette Tape Spines

Check Out Discover’s Credit Card Design

The Adventures of Tape Girl and The Analog King: Episode 2

The Adventures of Tape Girl and The Analog King: Episode 4

The Adventures of Tape Girl and The Analog Kind: Episode 3

National Archives Advisory Council Meeting Minutes Mixtapes from 1977 to 1979

  todaysdocument: 50 years of the Cassette Tape SEAMAN (SN) Daniel Rosen dubs audio tapes during his off-duty hours aboard the guided missile frigate USS SIMPSON (FFG 56) in the Persian Gulf, 03/11/1988… Continue reading

Kid Capri talks mixtapes with Shaheem Reid

…I’m the one that made the mixtape become superstar status but I wasn’t the inventor of the mixtape. It was Starchild who put me on to the S&S Club, there was Brucie B,… Continue reading

Exclusive Tony Touch and Kid Capri interview with Ralph McDaniels at Tony Touch Album release

DJ Enuff in Epee’s Collection

A Mixtape for National Poetry Month: Poems to Be Heard

Because I believe poems should be seen and heard, here’s the mix of poems in my head, spoken out loud for you. -KC Keep up with KC on her website and tweet at… Continue reading

Why I Love 90’s Hip Hop Mixtapes by Gary Anderson

Back in 1995 I first discovered hip hop mixtapes.  I was 20 years old and had taken a trip to the Potomic Mills mall near DC and there was a kiosk inside that… Continue reading

DJ Doo Wop Celebrating 20 Years in the Mixtape Game

Known to many as “Da Bouncemasta”, Doo Wop has made a significant impact in the hip-hop and mixtape world, and he is considered by most to be an urban street legend. His classic mixtapes 95 LIVE… Continue reading

The Mixtape

Cookin Soul X DJ Whookid – “Ready for X-Mas”

DOWNLOAD LINK – www.cookinsoulbiz.com/READYFORXMAS.zip

The Elephant Mixtapes Project?

Who:  A dude named Mr. Buckets What:  It’s called The Elephant Mixtapes Project, a slightly modified version of “The Easter Egg Hunt.” Where: Chi-town (http://elephantmixtapes.com/) Why:  Because he is generous and loves mixtapes!… Continue reading

Esurance Shows the Mixtape Museum Some Love

Esurance, one of the top names in auto insurance, released a commercial during the 2012 Olympics featuring the Mixtape. We searched online for days looking for the video; they finally released it today… Continue reading

Apollo 14: The Mixtape that Went to the Moon

  We thought selling mixtapes was illegal; this one has a $200 price tag. Included  in an upcoming auction of Apollo 14 artifacts, is an original Apollo 14 mixtape. Flown cassette tape and… Continue reading