Help DJ Smooth Denali in his Fight Against Cancer


To all my family and friends worldwide,

We need to unite for this brother, he’s a good dude. If you celebrated with me at my wedding reception, then you know what he can do with the turntables. People are still talking  about it today. Now if you know me, then you know I am going to ride out with him and beat this 100%. Once again,  lets do this for him and show him how much we love him. DJ’s I’m going to need you on this one. Believe me, I’m going to be hitting you up soon!

If you picked up a Smooth Denali mix cd in the past then you know what he did for your party, car, bbq, backyard party, ride to work, etc.  LET’S GO HARD, PEOPLE!

Tapemasta, the mixtape librarian

The family & friends of J. Ralphie Cardona are uniting to raise money to help him with his battle against cancer. Please show you support!

To know him is to love him. Ralphie is a loving husband and father of three young children. He is an all around good guy that would do just about anything for anyone. We are asking for you to help him, if you are able to, in his time of need. Ralphie was recently diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer and underwent major surgery in December of 2012 to remove a large tumor that was found on his colon. Although they were able to remove the tumor the cancer spread to his lymph nodes which means he will need to undergo 6 months of chemotherapy. Ralphie and his family have health insurance but it only covers so much. Cancer treatments are very expensive and the bills are adding up. Many of you may know Ralphie as ‘DJ Smooth Denali’ and that he dj’s aside from having his 9 to 5 job. Unfortunately, he is unable to DJ or book any events due to the strong side affects the chemo is having on him. This is causing financial stress for the family as they never imagined the costs of the cancer treatments would be so high. It is important that Ralphie and his family focus all their energy and strength on getting him healthy. We are asking for support for this great guy who remains positive, as always throughout this ordeal. Any donations you can make would be greatly appreciated by Ralphie and his family. Please…tell a friend and spread the word to help Ralphie fight!

100% of all money raised will go towards Ralphies medical bills. We thank you in advance for all your generous donations. Donate here!

Find details about upcoming basketball fundraiser for Smooth Denali here.

Smooth Denali Talks Mixtapes

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