National Archives Advisory Council Meeting Minutes Mixtapes from 1977 to 1979




50 years of the Cassette Tape

SEAMAN (SN) Daniel Rosen dubs audio tapes during his off-duty hours aboard the guided missile frigate USS SIMPSON (FFG 56) in the Persian Gulf, 03/11/1988

Pardon us while we rewind back a week — we missed the 50th anniversary of that ubiquitous symbol of 80s pop culture, the audio cassette tape, first introduced by the Philips Corporation on August 30, 1963 and launched on September 13, 1963.

The cassette tape wasn’t just for making your high school crush a mixed tape; they were used by the Federal government as well. Alan Walker, archivist, took pictures of these cassette tapes that are part of Record Group 64 (records relating to the National Archives). These cassette tapes hold the minutes of National Archives Advisory Council Meetings from 1977 to 1979.

What was on your favorite mix tape?

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