RIP Justo Faison by DJ EFN for Tablist Magazine

Not long after Justo’s death, Tablist Magazine asked me to write something in remembrance of him. Below is a transcript of what I wrote followed by the actual article and the cover of the issue it was in.

To my homie Justo wherever you at, may you rest in peace. I know it may seem too late to thank you for all you have done but it took this tragic occasion to truly acknowledge all you have done for me and mixtape djs as a whole. I want to thank you for reaching out to me a young new mixtape dj out of Miami, Fl. in the mid 90’s and helping expose me outside my city in a time when no one cared about any other mixtape djs outside of NY. I want to thank you for reaching out to me with the many opportunities in which you would call me about. I commend you for all your work with the mixtape awards, despite some of the negative shit that developed over the years with some of the dj’s. The mixtape awards helped legitimize mixtape dj’s especially at times when corporate America was trying to discredit and lock us up! In sticking by us (mixtape djs) You have helped us go from underground mixtapes to full length albums in stores, Radio shows, endorsement deals, and full on publicity in such platforms as MTV, BET, and pretty much all the top magazines. Whether directly or indirectly you have been involved in the success of all mixtape djs and for that we thank you! Crazy Hood Productions and I send our prayers and condolences to your family. – DJ EFN

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