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Collector’s Spotlight: Eric Johnson | Chico, California

In this series, MXM features avid mixtape collectors and their analog collections. Originally from the east coast, Eric Johnson lives in Chico, California. You can take the mixtape collector out of the tri-state area… Continue reading

Happy Birthday to the Illest

Proof People Still Believe in #MixtapeValentines

Never expected to get an actual cassette mixtape for Valentine's Day 😄 — Blaine Butcher (@bengalblaine) February 15, 2014 Best valentine's day gift?! I'd prefer a real mixtape, thanks. http://t.co/MBmy7qMDf8 — GRAVEYARD ORBIT… Continue reading

Nas, “Let There Be Light.” Hip Hop is Dead.

 “The son of the audio cassette era, tech wearer.”

TAYBLE’S Making Mixtape Table

Taylor, Justin, and Zach, who collectively make up the creative group TAYBLE, don’t look like they are even old enough to know what a compact cassette is, but they have designed one of the… Continue reading

Mixtapes Explained to Modern Kids

Dangerous Minds: The Lost Art of Cassette Tape Spines

The Adventures of Tape Girl and The Analog King: Episode 2

The Adventures of Tape Girl and The Analog King: Episode 4

The Adventures of Tape Girl and The Analog Kind: Episode 3

the music tape

Project Mixtape – Memory

Project Mixtape – Memory from Shaun Jacques on Vimeo. http://makemixtapesnotblogs.wordpress.com/

Why I Love 90’s Hip Hop Mixtapes by Gary Anderson

Back in 1995 I first discovered hip hop mixtapes.  I was 20 years old and had taken a trip to the Potomic Mills mall near DC and there was a kiosk inside that… Continue reading

The Mixtape

Tips on Preserving Audio Cassette Tapes

  We promised we would provide information on how to care for your mixtape/cassette collections. Here it is! by Amy Kohlstedt and Sara Doyle, for the Iowa Conservation and Preservation Consortium If given… Continue reading