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Eric Johnson | Chico, California

In this series, MXM features avid mixtape collectors and their analog collections. Originally from the east coast, Eric Johnson lives in Chico, California. You can take the mixtape collector out of the tri-state area… Continue reading

August 23: International Hip Hop Parade

Meet Our Newest Affiliate, Rhymes Over Beats: A Hip Hop Theater Company

A few words from Patrick Blake, founder of Rhymes Over Beats Rhymes over Beats is a company of hip hop theater artists. We believe that musical theater thrives and grows when the music being… Continue reading

The Ted Smooth Old School Jam, July 21

The Ted Smooth Old School Jam, July 10


The Day I Fell In Love with Hip Hop by Derrick Dolphin

It was the summer of ’79, I was a youngin, and spent a lot of time at my Grandma’s building. Located on the border of Harlem and Washington Heights, 1909 Amsterdam Avenue, a.k.a.… Continue reading

Cold Crush Brothers at Harlem World,1981 | DJ Dan-O Collection

  DJ Dan-O Collection

Propmaster Retro: Placing Hip-Hop Culture on Material

  Celebrate the culture by supporting a Legend. http://www.propmasterretro.com

International Hip Hop Parade (IHHP) Animated

The International Hip Hop Parade is pleased to announce the first parade for Hip Hop in the Bronx. “This is an event that will celebrate a culture that is a multi-billion dollar industry today.… Continue reading

Community Day. A Hip Hop Cultural Event: Respect to the QueenZ!!

Hip Hop: Unbound from the Underground | Ithaca Gears Up to Celebrate Hip Hop in a Major Way

From April 4-7, 2013 the community of Ithaca, NY will host a major celebration of Hip Hop culture. There will be 4 full days of events: gallery exhibitions, panel discussions, movie screenings, and… Continue reading

Rakim & Raekwon Live at Stage 48 | Music by Kid Capri & Pete Rock